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About Beckett & Associates Veterinary Services

Glastonbury CT Farm Animal Veterinarian & CT Companion Animal Veterinarian

Most of Beckett & Associates Large Animal Services are provided on an ambulatory basis. However, some of our clients do "haul-in" to our animal hospital where we can offer more extensive services such as the following:

  • High quality digital radiographs are available on location at our Glastonbury, Connecticut farm animal clinic and on farm calls.
  • Large box stalls off the main clinic for the occasional hospitalized large animal patient (medical colic, premature foal, bloated goat, post-surgery, etc.)
  • We have a 1-meter endoscope for evaluation of upper respiratory disorders
  • Ultrasound Equipment (for reproductive work, tendon injuries, and small animal work)
  • CT Farm animal vet surgery suite complete with padded induction/recovery room and general anesthesia (we perform some common surgical procedures such as crypt-orchid castrations, splint bone removals, enucleations, hernia repairs, etc.)
  • Reproductive Services: breeding soundness exams, artificial insemination & ultrasound
  • Dr. Beckett performs acupuncture treatments and chiropractic exams on large animals in the office and when required on an ambulatory basis.

Beckett & Associates Small Animal Clinic is well-equipped, with an in-house laboratory; complete with a blood scanning machine and microscopes for performing cytology, urinalysis, and fecal exams.

  • Digital Radiographs at our pet hospital for small animal allows our veterinarians to perform an immediate evaluation and send radiographs to other experts in the field for consultation.
  • We offer "routine" services including annual physical exams, vaccines, ovariohysterectomies (spays), and castrations (neuters).
  • “Sick” patients are provided with in-depth medical work-ups and appropriate medical and surgical therapies.
  • Current orthopedic therapies including: joint injections, platelet rich plasma therapy (PRP), prolotherapy and corrective surgeries.
  • Dental Care services including: scaling, polishing, digital dental radiography, tooth extractions, gingivectomy, etc.
  • Ultrasound Examinations
  • We utilize the services of several "outside" veterinary specialists when necessary to provide more complicated services (such as bone plating and cardiac ultrasound).
  • Dr. Beckett performs acupuncture treatments and chiropractic exams on small animals directly at our pet hospital.


Farm calls and office appointments may be scheduled by calling our pet hospital office number directly: 860-659-0848.

Saturdays are for office appointments only and farm calls are scheduled on an emergency basis only.

Small animal surgeries and dental cleanings are performed on designated mornings and appointment hours vary according to the doctor's schedule.

We also try to reserve weekday evening time slots (usually the last couple of appointments) for "sick animals" (the ones owners notice after they get home from work that really can't wait until morning to be seen).

Veterinarians provide emergency coverage for our large animal patients on an "on-call" basis 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.


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