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Chinese Medicine

Traditional Chinese Medicine was developed in China more than 5,000 years ago. It is a complete system of medicine with roots based on writings and practices of herbal medicine, acupuncture, massage, exercise and dietary therapy. The Chinese medical view believes that each living creature is a small part of the larger universe, and is subject to the same laws that govern the rest of nature. Chinese medicine developed a schematic or metaphoric model of how the internal body works and incorporated the same principles of balance and harmony that govern the natural world. Health is viewed as a state of harmony or balance existing between the internal environment of the body and the external environment the body. Disease is interpreted as a disharmony between these things. As with conventional medicine; physical trauma, infectious organisms, poor nutrition, heredity, environmental conditions and emotional issues can disrupt this state of harmony.

Chinese medical diagnosticians take a comprehensive history and perform a detailed physical examination, patient assessment and formulation of a treatment plan. The goal is to understand what metaphoric mechanism can best explain all that has happened or is currently going on with a patient. Treatment is centered on this dynamic state using acupuncture, herbs or diet; and rarely involves a single visit. Costs will vary according to the specific condition, treatment recommendations and response of the patient.

Dr. Beckett has successfully treated a large variety of illnesses, injuries, metabolic and neoplastic conditions. He has been actively practicing Chinese Medicine since 1998.