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Connecticut Vet Bloodwork & Testing

Equine Medical Diagnostics

We have many diagnostic tools to better access your horse on the farm and get quick answers.  We have a full large animal hospital with multiple stalls and IV fluid therapy capabilities.    

We offer in-clinic blood work for patients who are medically ill or will be undergoing an anesthetic procedure. Our technicians have the ability to run multiple tests on our in-house equipment so that our doctors are able to diagnose and treat many conditions before the patient leaves our care. Early detection can increase an animal's life span and prolong their health.  We also offer a huge range of send-out laboratory testing.

Complete Blood Count (CBC): This screen can help detect disorders of the red blood cells, white blood cells and platelets. A CBC may detect early signs of anemia, inflammation, infection and certain types of neoplasia.
Chemistry Panel: The chemistry panel looks at various protein and enzyme levels as well as basic electrolytes in the blood. It is a broad panel that looks at several organ values including: kidney, liver and pancreas. Many disease processes can cause increases in one or more of these values early on.
Lactate Blood Level: This test looks at the amount of lactate in the blood and can be used stall side (on farm calls) to give an indication of how severe a colic is.

Our doctors may recommend an ultrasound for your horse to get a better evaluation of the extent of an injury, the stage of a "heat" cycle or pregnancy, or to further evaluate colic.  We carry a rectal, tendon and abdominal probe with us in our farm truck at all times.  Ultrasound lets us measure the size of follicles on an ovary, evaluate their structure, and identify isolated or focal lesions within the uterus. Tendons and ligaments are frequent areas of injury in the horse and these structures can be better evaluated using ultrasound. This form of imaging can help determine the extent of damage and allow us to give a better prognosis as well as monitor healing.

We have a portable digital x-ray system for use on the farm. Digital radiographs allow our doctors to diagnose problems quickly; leading to faster, more effective treatment. Digital radiograph technology also allows our doctors to consult with specialists on certain cases and allows us to send copies of your animal's radiographs with you for your records.

We have a 1-meter endoscope for evaluation of upper respiratory disorders and can perform this evaluation on the farm or at the clinic.