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Parasite Management

Equine Deworming Guidelines

In all cases, good pasture/dry lot management is necessary to reduce parasite burdens.

  • Pick up and dispose of manure droppings on a regular basis (at least twice weekly)
  • Mow and harrow pastures regularly to break up manure piles and expose parasite eggs and larvae to the elements
  • Rotate pastures by allowing other livestock, such as sheep or cattle, to graze them, thereby interrupting the life cycles of equine parasites
  • Group horses by age to reduce exposure to certain parasites and maximize the deworming program geared to that group
  • Keep the number of horses per acre to a minimum to prevent overgrazing and reduce the fecal contamination per acre • Use a feeder for hay and grain rather than feeding on the ground
  • Remove bot eggs quickly and regularly from the horse's hair coat to prevent ingestion

  1. Program #1 Daily dewormer: Strongid C (Strongid C2x) Daily & Avermectin product with praziquantal (Equimax or Ivermectin Gold or Quest Plus) every 6 months – usually in the late spring and late fall.
  2. Program # 2 Fecal egg count based program: Check individual fecal samples from each horse to identify most significant egg shedders and deworm those individuals with significant egg counts based on fecal results. Fecals should be preformed again 2 weeks after giving a product to determine if that product was effective. Fecals can then be taken every 2-3 months. If egg counts are within acceptable limits, no deworming is needed until these counts begin to rise again. Deworming at least twice a year with Ivermectin and once a year with Ivermectin plus praziquantal will be necessary.
  3. Program # 3 Rotational deworming: Alternate products every 2 months with the inclusion of an Avermectin product in the spring and again in the fall. Include praziquantal in the fall. The remainder of the time: fenbendazole, pyrantel and ivermectin products may be rotated. Testing fecal samples 2 weeks after administration of a dewormer at least 1-2 times a year will help to make sure your deworming is effective.
    Avermectins = ivermectin paste, eqvalan, quest gel, Rotectin 1.87%
    Avermectin + Praziquantal = Ivermectin Gold, Equimax, Quest Plus gel
    Fenbendazole = Panacur paste, safe-guard
    Pyrantel = Strongid, Rotectin P