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Our Purpose at Beckett & Associates

Beckett & Associates Purpose

Our mission at Beckett & Associates is to practice the highest degree of quality medicine, surgery & alternative medicine in a compassionate, caring environment. We are committed to providing our clients with a wide range of treatment options that will best suit their needs, beliefs and values. We firmly believe that health is best maintained through preventative care. We are dedicated to continuous education of ourselves and our clients; we continue to improve our clinic and raise the standard of veterinary care through technological advances.  For pet owners across the state of Connecticut, Beckett & Associates is proud to provide comprehensive veterinary care.

Core Values
Compassion: We promote kindness and understanding while providing exemplary service to both our patients and clients.
Excellence: We strive to do what is best for our patients and their owners while understanding each family's individual circumstances.
Integrity: We promote respect, openness and honesty while acting ethically and responsibly in everything we do.
Safety: We strive to maintain the highest level of safety while delivering high-quality care.
Teamwork: We promote teamwork among our staff and veterinarians to provide the highest care for your pet.