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Pain Management

Similar to humans, pets can experience discomfort and pain that can significantly hinder their overall quality of life. While witnessing pain in our pets can be uncomfortable, there have been major advances within the field of veterinary medicine which can dramatically improve the lives of pets while alleviating a wide range of acute pain.

At Beckett & Associates, we can detect pain in pets when they are subdued, lacking energy and refraining from normal activities that they typically enjoy. When pets experience lasting relief, they tend to become playful, reinvigorated and youthful once more. Making sure that pets are happy and healthy is our goal and just one reason we are so happy to offer comprehensive and progressive approaches to pain management in pets.

At our veterinary practice, we use combinations of therapies based on the personalized needs of your pet. These approaches range from therapeutic laser treatment, to acupuncture, prolotherapy, chiropractic, anti-inflammatories and traditional Chinese herbs to alleviate painful conditions. By customizing our approach to treatment, we ensure that your pet receives the care that they need most on their road to recovery.

While some pets may have a rapid recovery, other pets may take more time to reach optimal health and showcase dramatic improvement. Pain left untreated can lead to general lethargy and a reduction in life quality, so what’s most important is delivering care that provides relief, whether it’s a rapid or gradual recovery.

We offer a wide variety of treatments and tailor these treatments specifically to the needs of your pet. We aim to have your pet happy, moving and ready to enjoy life again!


An Overview:

At Beckett & Associates, we utilize an array of techniques and solutions that will help to deliver your pet back to their optimal state of health. This means that we often use combinations of both traditional and new medications based on the specific needs of your pet and what we feel they will respond to most effectively. This might include anti-inflammatory medicine used in conjunction with physical therapies or a series of other combinations that maximize your pet’s overall well-being! Our solutions are always tailored to each pet individually in order to provide personalized solutions that deliver results.

We are proud to offer both standard acupuncture and electroacupuncture in order to provide immediate relief to your pet. Acupuncture is a traditional technique that stimulates the nerves in order to restore their functions to an optimal state. This practice is often performed with needles inserted into distinct points with or without electrical stimulation, but can also be performed with injections and even laser-light. Pets undergoing acupuncture can experience rapid pain relief from this approach.

Chiropractic therapy is based on the alignment of the spinal column and other significant joints. Often, there are abnormal positioning of two bones within a joint, which can cause swelling and inflammation of the tissues surrounding the joint space. In turn, this can limit your pet’s range of motion, hinder mobility and cause acute pain. Chiropractic therapy is a process which can restore your pet’s normal range of motion, while dramatically improving joint comfort.

While not alternative, there are a variety of medications that decrease pain and can be useful when used alone, or as an adjunct to physical modalities. Medications like non-steroidal anti-inflammatories, opiates, symptom or disease modifying compounds, as well as direct neurological agents like Gabapentin can all form a part of an effective pain-control regimen.

Laser Therapy:
Laster Therapy allows affected tissues to absorb particular wavelengths of light; typically measuring 800-980 nanometers in wavelength. This stimulates Nitric Oxide molecules, allowing blood vessels to dilate and rapidly bringing oxygen and nutrients to the affected area. Laser Therapy can also remove cellular waste products derived from injured tissue while allowing your pet to experience immediate relief.

Herbal Therapy:
Herbs provide the foundation for all pharmaceuticals and have an immediate impact on the body. The age-old adage “you are what you eat” is of particular significance here, as many foods cause a metabolic effect upon digestion. We leverage these foods and herbal solutions to optimize your pet’s metabolism and improve their health and well-being overall.