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Connecticut Sheep & Goat Vet

Small Ruminants

We offer full service medical and surgical services for sheep and goats.  We commonly do herd health appointments as well as see individual animals to manage a variety of issues.  It is common for us to see many pet goats for arthritis and acupuncture is a good option for some of these guys.  We perform surgery for difficulty birthing (C-Section) and urinary blockage (tube cystotomy) among other procedures.  Yearly vaccinations for small ruminants include clostridium C &D, Tetanus and Rabies.  Rabies vaccination is licensed for every 3 years in sheep after the first yearly vaccine.  We recommend quantitative fecal testing to configure a protocol to follow for your herd to help maximize health.  Many dewormers are not labeled for sheep and goats and these animals often require higher dosages then other species, making a deworming protocol sometimes difficult to plan out- our veterinarians can help you make sure you are deworming appropriately.