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Beckett & Associates recommends that all puppies and kittens be socialized with other people and animals at an early age. Training of the puppy or kitten can begin as soon as the animal is obtained. This can be as early as 8 weeks of age. Basic manners, socialization and bathroom habits all develop quickly in young animals. It is important to remember that every interaction with your puppy or kitten is essentially an opportunity to teach them how you'd like them to respond in a given situation.

The doctors at Beckett & Associates can assist you with basic socialization and training questions and offer a variety of training professionals that can assist you in obtaining your goals.

Please give the office a call for a list of recommended trainers. You may be asked to answer a few questions regarding your goals for your pet as well as the nature of any problems you are having with current training. This will help us to determine which trainers would work best for your situation.