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"Bailey" Chiasson

April 2, 2015

"Bailey" Chiasson

Bailey is a 6 month old American Bull Dog. Born on 9/21/2014 in PA. He is the little guy aka the runt and I wouldn't have it any other way. He lights up the room of all and knows when to use his man bark and when to use his obnoxious puppy bark to try and get what he wants. smile emoticon He is my heart. He spends the weekdays at my his grand parents when Momma is at work. He is very, very loved and maybe just a bit spoiled. He loves to fetch and is extremely smart. He sits, rolls over, gives paw and high five. He loves to go for long walks and with the nice weather we plan on going for many hikes. He graduated puppy kindergarten a couple months back. His Momma is pretty excited that he was chosen to be Pet of the month at his amazing Vet.

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